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Dynamometers and test stands are used extensively in the aerospace and automotive industries to load test engines and drivetrain components. Chassis dynamometers are also used for vehicle emissions testing. Parker SSD Drives offers green solutions that return energy otherwise dissipated as heat to the power grid, offering tremendous cost savings and reducing your carbon footprint.

Flux vector technology ensures accurate and repeatable control of speed and torque at the load. With a range through 2000 HP, virtually any test scenario can be accomodated, from small pumps and motors, to aircraft engines.


SSD Drives for Dynamometers and Test Stands

  • Chassis Dynamometers
  • Engine Testing
  • Axle Test Facilities
  • Clutch and Brake Testing
  • Hydraulic Pump Testing
  • Cross-drive Dynamometers

Engine Testing

  • Full power absorbtion dynamometer
  • High accuracy torque loading
  • Fast dynamic response
  • Engine standing loss evaluation
  • Rapid change of motor/braking torque
  • Load cycle testing software profiles


Large Drives
Complex System
Small Drives

  • Pumping Machine Test Beds
  • Gear Box Test Facilities
  • Electrical Rotating Machine Test Beds
  • Wind Tunnel Applications
  • Universal Joint Testing

SSD Drives for Aerospace

  • Turboshaft and Piston Engine Test Cells
  • Hydraulic Rig Systems
  • Starter/Generator Test Rigs
  • Alternator Test Rigs
  • Fuel Pump Test Rigs
  • Helicopter Gear Box Rigs
  • Vane Pump Rigs
  • Propeller Test Rigs
  • Rotor Head Testing

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